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Do you believe it is the last week of July.  I have been so slacky keeping up with my blog.  Technology is moving way faster than this old brain can think.  Trying to keep a facebook page and this blog are showing that I am not doing well at either one.

I do like facebook because it is current, and I love my blog because it is me.  So I will try to keep them both current.

This summer has been wonderful so far.  We have been to Jackson Hole once and are probably going one more time.  Mike is ready to get out of town.  He tried taking the trailer to the Uinta's and that trip was not a happy one.  The trailer ended up without water and power.  He said he should have taken a tent.  But at least he was able to go and now that is off of his bucket list.

I have been having a grand ol' time with my Pampered Chef this summer.  I have met some amazing friends, I have learned some new recipes, and I have been able to travel to shows far and wide.  The travel is my choice.  I love road trips and this is the greatest excuse to take one.

My July calendar has been crazy busy with shows.  I have been able to give a lot of free product away to many people, but my favorite are the Brides.  I love pampering a new kitchen.

It is time to send some of our kids off to college and there are about 5 necessary products that will fit in their box size kitchens and yet they will be eating healthy and on a very low budget.

As I say every summer I have 90 days left until I go back to school.  It actually starts August 20th...but still 90 days until I walk through those doors.

I am very grateful for my family and all they do for us.  You know you raise you kids with the hopes and dreams that their lives will be perfect, but somewhere along the way they also learn to be amazing human beings.  Life may not be perfect, but I have great kids with kindness and compassion and they do a lot of service for others.  Can't ask for much more than that.

I always have an extra day on my calendar if you want to gather some friends together and try a new dinner idea.  The next 4 months are the busiest time of the year and my calendar is already filling up.(YEAH!).

Happy July to all of you!